Helpful Supplements for Dogs With Liver Disease

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lulu image on article for supplements for dogs with liver diseaseThis article is part 2 of a series of articles dedicated to dogs suffering with liver problems like my own old girl “Lulu” did.  The information that you find here is based on my dog “Lulu’s” own journey through liver disease and what I did to help her through it.

If you read through the first two articles in the series, then you realize that this disease is a very serious issue and should not be taken lightly.

Please understand that my articles ARE NOT meant to replace the advice or the medications your Veterinarian prescribes for your dog.

As an owner with a dog who was diagnosed with liver disease, I can tell can tell that without a doubt, diet and good supplements (not cheap, garbage vitamins) will play the largest role of all in your dog’s battle. When Lulu was diagnosed with liver disease, I immediately went to work on what I needed to do to not only keep her alive, but provide quality of life for her as well.

I read books and searched the internet in order to educate myself about the disease. The recipes that I shared in the second article of this series were specifically for her condition and included the necessary supplements to balance the recipe.

However, there are several additional supplements needed specifically for dogs fighting liver failure.

As Natural As Possible

When we refer to a natural treatment for liver problems in dogs, we’re targeting diet and the necessary supplements your dog needs to battle the disease. While you’ll find other articles on the internet that discuss additional supplements often used for dogs with liver disease, I’m only sharing with you the supplements that “Lulu” took. These supplements were recommended by her nutritionist.

Now that your dog has been diagnosed with liver disease, you MUST BE very careful with his or her diet. Be sure to read the entire series of articles to see how I treated Lulu.

Daily Supplements Lulu Took For Her Liver Disease (she weighed between 70-75 lbs.)

  1. Coconut Oil – Must be ORGANIC, COLD PRESSED, EXTRA VIRGIN – 1 (One) Tablespoon Daily
  2. Vitamin E (Natural such as Natural Factors brand, NOT synthetic) 400IU Daily
  4. Selenium 100 mcgs. – NOW Brand Yeast Free
  5. Alpha Lipoic Acid – 1(One) TWICE Daily
  6. Chlorella – 1 (One) TWICE Daily
  7. Milk Thistle – 300 mg. TWICE Daily
  8. IMUPlus One packet mixed with food Daily. This product is not cheap, but this is what builds the immune system. It’s very high quality.

Organizing Your Dog’s Daily Supplements

It can get a little confusing and overwhelming when you’re dealing with all these different supplements. What I did was purchase one of those plastic weekly-daily pill organizers and separate all her vitamins one week in advance. They’re cheap; but here’s a better one than the one that I used. It’s deep and you can fit a lot of daily supplements into it.

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian and I have no formal education. The information presented here is not meant to replace your veterinarian’s advice or prescribed medications, but only to offer additional options in dealing with your dog’s condition.

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