Natural Ways to End Your Dog’s Diarrhea Problems

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image of dog on toilet for article on dog diarrheaUnfortunately, diarrhea occurs in dogs for a lot of different reasons.

So, I’ve tried to list some of the most common reasons and treatment options for you.

Each of these can cause a dog to have a bout of short term digestive distress.

However, if the underlying problem (such as food or disease) isn’t identified and corrected, your dog will most likely continue with routine problems such as unformed, messy stool.

If loose bowels are caused by something more serious such as disease, then the episodes are often more frequent, on and off, and last for longer periods of time.

So, it’s important that you pay attention to your dog’s stool on a daily basis.  Keep in mind that the appearance of your dog’s bowel movements tells a lot.

Possible Causes For Diarrhea in Dogs

  • Getting into the garbage and eating trash
  • Drinking standing water from puddles, ponds, streams, etc.
  • Over eating
  • Feeding table scraps; not all table scraps, just those that are TOO rich for dogs (gravies, sauces, extra spicy) etc.
  • Low grade kibble
  • Diet change
  • Nervousness and anxiety disorders
  • Disease/Illness (eg: IBD, Colitis, Parvo & Distemper to name a few)
  • Consumed Poison
  • Beach diarrhea (ingesting sea water)
  • Toad licking (there are 2 very toxic toads within the U.S. – Colorado River toad found in the South West & Marine toads found in Texas and Florida)


  • If your dog has had diarrhea with no improvement for more than two days.
  • If blood is present.
  • If your dog is lethargic or has difficulty breathing.
  • If accompanied by vomiting.
  • Fever.
  • Ingested poison.
  • Weight loss.
  • Frequent episodes of watery , messy stool.

Immediate Treatment to Eliminate Your Dog’s Diarrhea

I’m listing some ideas below on how to immediately treat the stool problem, but also how to treat and eliminate future problems with recommended products. Don’t get carried away and try a bunch of different products at one time.  Take it slow.  Review the products that I recommend and move forward from there.  If one doesn’t work, try another while keeping in mind that food or food related allergies might be the problem if your continues to show little to no improvement.

  • Evaluate your dog’s diet closely. Are you sure that you’re feeding a good food?  What your dog eats can lead to chronic diarrhea that’s often caused by IBS or IBD (irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease).  Trust me, it’s cheaper to feed your dog correctly than it is to try and correct an ongoing problem that is often related to your dog’s food intake.
    • If your dog is generally healthy, but his stool is a mess and nothing happened to cause the messy stool (drinking contaminated water, etc.), then it’s most likely related to poor diet.  You have to be willing to feed your dog a meal that agrees with him. You can’t and shouldn’t try and cover up the problem by relying on products that just temporarily relieves the diarrhea, which happens because the intestinal cells are damaged. See the supplement below that I recommend to help build intestinal cells. You can also add probiotics which provide a healthy flora and keep your dog’s gut intact. But, they don’t always work alone.
  • With hold food for 12 to 24 hours is the first thing Vet’s usually recommend. However, be careful with puppies and smaller dogs who run the risk of hypoglycemia. 12 hrs. might work better for these guys.
  •  Jasmine rice is very sticky once cooked and works best with boiled chicken (squeeze excess water from chicken) or  boiled ground beef (drain fat, rinse and blot beef dry with paper towels) after the 12-24 hr. period and continue this bland diet for 2 days.
  • If and only if your dog isn’t showing signs of any serious illness, restrict his water intake and give him small drinks at a time for 24 hours. It’s important that you don’t allow your dog to become dehydrated.  Give ice cubes if your dog will eat them.
  • Avoid giving dogs with diarrhea pumpkin. More often than not, it causes much bigger problems.
  • Feed 3 small meals daily vs free  feeding.
  • Here’s a recipe for rice water.  Boil 1 cup rice to 4 cups water for 25 minutes. Drain the liquid.  Allow him to drink as often as he wants. If he doesn’t respond to the rice water, try adding a little (one teaspoon) chicken baby food.
  • You can administer Pedialyte by mixing 50/50 with his water to help with hydration for the first 24 hours. This helps to replace lost electrolytes.
  • Pepto Bismol or Kaopectate (both of these products contain salicylates – see warning below): The dosage for dogs is 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per 5 pounds of body weight. No more than 2 tablespoons 3 times daily, or one table per 15 pounds of body weight up to 3 times a day. This should only be used for temporary relief and not on a regular basis. I prefer Pepto Bismol over Kaopectate. Warning: NEVER use any product that contains salicylates if you’re giving your dog aspirin or any type of NSAID such as Rimadyl, Metacam, Deramaxx, Etogesic, etc. without talking to your dog’s vet first. NEVER GIVE CATS PEPTO BISMOL.

Recommended Products To Eliminate Reoccurring Problems

  • The Honest Kitchen Form is an ALL NATURAL EFFECTIVE supplement that supposedly works very well for dogs who experience frequent digestive problems, although I’ve never personally used it for my own dogs. It’s natural and could be a great product to have on hand.  It’s inexpensive and receives glowing reviews.
  • Another great product I recently learned about is called Seacure. It’s a whitefish protein that can work wonders for diarrhea stemming from IBS. Read reviews.
  • L-Glutamine is an amino acid that many dogs lack due to poor diet and not enough quality protein such as meat and fish. L-glutamine works by replacing intestinal cells. It is often recommended for dogs suffering from chronic bowel problems. It’s also very good for leaky gut and food allergies. I use this myself. :)  Daily dosage can range anywhere from 250-3000 milligrams.  Start slow!!  This is the exact product that I use myself.
  • The MOST IMPORTANT tip of all if your dog continues to have soft, messy stool is to feed a better food .  You have got to avoid supermarket foods and others such as Ol Roy, Purina (including Beneful), etc.  If kibble is a must, look to foods such as Fromms Four Star Nutritionals, Carna4, Acana.  Your dog will be happy and it will show in his or her stool.

You can find additional help in the comments below.   If you have any home remedies for treating doggy diarrhea that you can share, please add your own comment below.


  1. Audreylambchop says

    Very informative, especially about the toads. Didn’t know this. I live in Georgia, and have a pool in the back yard. Frequently after heavy rain, we have toads near the pool, and the dog has sniffed at them. I never gave it a second thought, but now I will be cautious about letting her toy with them.

    • Anonymous says

      Hi Audrey: We don’t have a pool, but we get a ton of toads around our home (by woods and stream). My lab leaves them alone, but my Doberman, she’s a different story. She’s never eaten any completely, but she’s chomped down on a few and gotten very sick!

  2. Pam says

    I thank you for the information. The first place I went to on the web was “vets on line” to help answer any questions. But before they will answer, you have to put in your credit card number along with how much your willing to pay. I think this is sad because there are so many of us that really love our animals, but just don’t have the money or credit cards.

    Thank You again. Pam in Oklahoma

  3. Amy says


    • admin says

      Hi Amy:
      You said the vet did a fecal test. I’m assuming that they were testing for giardia protozoa as well as whip worm etc. The problem with that is they really need a warm stool and even then if the giardia proto isn’t present in that particular sample – you will get a false reading of negative. This means that your dog could have the giardia protozoa but they are not seeing it.

      If you have changed your dogs food, are overfeeding, etc. this can all cause diarrhea if you suddenly changed the food without doing it correctly over time. This would be a problem that usually corrects itself in a week or so.

      Having access to standing water (lakes, ponds, etc.) can cause a parasitic problem.

      It would be very helpful if you could share more information as far as the type of food you are feeding, how often, do you include a probiotic and enzymes and does she have access to standing water such as ponds and lakes? Let me know o.k.

      • Amy says

        I am not sure about the particulars of the fecal test but thank you for asking so I can check those q’s with the vet. I have not changed her diet or the food she has been eating. I found out several years ago she had allergies to the protein in the food and had to put her on ZD Ultra allergen free. That was too expensive to keep up so thru trial and error I found Purina One Lamb & Rice. That has worked wonders for me (and Maggie, my love!). I feed her one cup of the dry food in the morning and one cup in the evening. I haven’t given her any treats or table food. She has had no access to standing water. This has appeared out of the blue and is troublesome to me as well as Maggie. I feel for her and want to provide a good life for her but with these current issues, I feel at a loss. She gets walked frequently and has started to have a bit of foam/drool since her diarrhea issues occurred. Not sure what is going on and now funds are low – so vets office is out of the question for now. Just trying to find ways to help her at home and naturally. Thanks again for your help!

  4. Tammy says

    Well here is my problem. I have to big dogs, 8 & 10yrs . They both ate 6 raw pork chops bone in, betweem them from off the counter top. So about an hour after it happened and a call to the vet I gave them both 3 tps. of peroxide to make them puke it up, but it didn’t work. Now one week later I’m still dealing with aweful runny diarrhea every 2-3 hrs and the odd puking, (not fun) but I’m concerned because it has now lasted this long. I have done the 24hr fasting making sure they are drinking water and I tried pumkin in a small amount of food, they have really no appetite for dog food so it’s hard to get them to eat it. but if they see people food they want to eat it ….lol They are other wise very healthy. Their noses are cold and damp and they are very alert and seem fine but I know things are not fine. I Don’t know what to do next. I can not take them to the vet unfortunatly, I feel really bad but I’m not financially stable right now. Is there anything else that I could try at home? or do you think they need meds? Thank you for your time, anxious in hearing from you.

    • admin says

      Activated Charcoal is sold in drugstores and comes in either tablet or powder form. This is excellent for absorbing toxins, poisons, drugs and other irritating substances. It works great for treating diarrhea that was caused by eating spoiled food or toxins.

      Mix with water and give by mouth every 3-4 hours for a 24 hr. period (exclude sleeping time). Only use this for a short period since it interferes with digestive enzymes. Depending on size – use 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of powder or 1-3 tablets.

  5. kathy says

    I have a question. I have an older dog who has on and off issues with diarrhea due to parasites and bacteria She also has a heart murmur, high blood pressure that is controlled and a life long history of higher alk phos levels. She’s been on a liver diet for years and fine. All other behaviors, energy and desire to eat are normal.

    So, she was treated for 3x/day for 5 days with metro and her stool firmed up fairly nice…
    3 days after off the med she had cowpies…
    Bacteria still in her fecal sample, but her vet said otherwise she felt “ok”…
    So, now metro 2x/day for 3 weeks.
    It started to firm and then 4 days after metro restarted..cowpie

    I am giving her organic yogurt twice a day with 50% food and 50% rice.

    Thoughts? Does this stuff go up/down even with treated with meds?

    I worry about her so much. She’s my little soul mate.

    • admin says

      Hi Kathy:
      I’m so sorry to hear about your old girl. A liver diet for years? How old is she and what breed? Does she vomit or show any other symptoms? What does her skin and coat look like? Is it dry? Also, are you in the U.S.?

      Did your vet indicate that your old girl has parasites and if so, what kind of parasites? Intestinal worms? Was it your vet that also said she has bacteria in her fecal matter and if so, was this determined by doing a culture on the feces?

      Can you give me her complete diet – everything that she eats daily? Is she an inside dog or an outside dog? Before I start making recommendations to you, I need to know what you can afford? We all have budgets and I don’t want to make suggestions that you simply can’t afford. There are some things that you can do for the diarrhea, but my biggest concern is the parasites that you mentioned. If your vet said she has parasites, then he should be treating her with something other than metro and I’m assuming that he isn’t because of her heart murmur? Parasites are usually picked up from either another dog who is also infected or by mosquitoes or flea bites.

      Let’s see what we can do for your little soul mate. 😮

      • Kathy says

        Estimated age of 13. 32lb mutt from a rescue 7yrs ago. Parasites in the past but it seems bacteria now & 2 months ago. Metro each time. Fecal sample & they simply said rods/cones or such. Initial dose vs second sample showed less bacteria & some yeasts but overall…better after metro. Yet it came back. Started lower dose metro & no go. Increased back to 3x/ day with addition of 1/2 tap psyllium husk. Seems soft formed now 4 days later….we live in the USA. I’ve spent $300 in tests & meds this month. Oh she also has a heart murmur thats fairly s trong but w her as long as I’ve known her 7 yrs. alk phos 400-600 for years. Tests done on liver, ultra of heart all have been basic. Otherwise coat is fine, no vomiting, energy fine. Also takes 2 blood pressure drugs that totally help, milk thistle, Sam-e, omega, glucosamine & goodness….that’s it. A mix if some meds & some natural things. Yes yogurt twice daily also.

        So is it normal for it to take a week or so for metro to knock down the bacterial overgrowth & get soft forming firmer poops that are up/down some still.

        Can psyllium husk powder give gas also?

        Vets think gi, it’s more so than heart, liver……

        I worry so. Thank you for ideas & help.

        • admin says

          Hi Kathy:
          I’m sure we can get your little soul mate in order. First, we need to get the digestive tract healthy. I don’t know if I missed it in your comment, but what food are you feeding and can you afford a better food if I recommend one? Also, what source and how much of the Omega are you giving? Is it capsules or liquid and what brand? Metro is a temporary fix with a double edge sword. It clears up the bacteria temporarily and depletes the system of the necessary bacteria to fight off future problems. I NEVER recommend yogurt because it often causes diarrhea symptoms for dogs. There are much better sources of probiotics that we can talk about.

          I work with this issue so much and almost always by incorporating a few items and food, the dog is fine. Your dog is so small that the items and food will go a very long way.

          Do me a favor and use this form to send me a private email with the response to my questions so that we can communicate that way and please include your normal email so that I can respond. It’s easier for me o.k. and I assure you that I don’t share your email with anyone else and I WILL NOT send you spam.

          Janie 😮

  6. danielle says

    Hi, I came across your site searching for if onowur current thunderstorms could be making my dog have diarrhea. Now I have noticed she has been acting completely off. She is usually hyper, runs around the yard, eager to follow us out to the backyard when I have a cigarette and is always loving and wanting attention.

    Today, she is completely distant, she is drooling and never has before, she will stand in a place for the longest time tail between her legs, head down and just seems to be in a trance.. then she will almost lose her balance it seems. She then will find a different place to lie down. Her stool is like soup, she has eaten maybe 3 bites of her food today, her water bowl is clean and fresh and after staring at it for a few minutes she started lapping a little bit up. her breathing is very slow, her heartbeat is normal-ish. I am very worried about her and don’t have money to see a vet. She got out through the front door before and a neighbor filed a complaint just a few days ago we recieved it saying she was aggressive, which she’s not they just have personal issues with us, and my mom thinks they may have poisoned her but theres no proof. She’s only a year and a half old Australian Shepherd mix. I am very worried about my baby, Reesie, please if you know anything about what could be happening, if it was the thunderstorm that gave her anxiety AND all these other symptoms?


    • admin says

      If indeed your girl was given rat poison, you MUST GET HER TO THE VET IMMEDIATELY. Here’s the symptoms to look for. Her symptoms fit poisoning:

      She’s listless – dull
      no desire to eat or turns away from it
      Blood in urine or stool
      nose bleeding
      very green stool
      her gait is off balance (uncoordinated)
      Unable to stand
      slight cough
      breathing problems
      excessive loss of hair or coat
      comatose (lethargic)

      • danielle says

        So she seems to be in heat now, she’s bleeding pretty heavily and she’s had one heat before. I don’t have any money at all and no one will help me get her to a hospital. Could it be she’s just in heat?

        • danielle says

          Well I took her into the vet earlier today and we got some home medications and IV’s and after we got home we layed her in a nice bed… and she just passed away 20 mins ago… RIP Reesie I loved you so much

          • admin says

            Oh Danielle, I’m so very sorry. I can only imagine how hard this whole ordeal has been for your family. It’s hard enough to lose our dogs to old age and devastating to lose them so young and for no good reason like what happened to Reesie.

            Did the vet say what the cause was, did he think that she was poisoned?

  7. danielle says

    ok new symptom she is now throwing up all the water she drank, and then brown stuff. i guess tghats bile for dogs. i dont know what to do i am sooo worried

  8. Danielle says

    Sorry to get back so late I’ve been going through personal issues (had some drug problems) and I was getting sober when Reesie died and I just about lost it. All I wanted to do was go use. But I’ve been good. I did have a seizure (had 5 in my life) the other day but its because of my detox.

    As for what the vet thought she could have when I took her and she was alive still, Parvo was negative. She said it could be anything from bacteria infection, or viral infection, or very well could be poison. but she had lost so much blood already they pretty much knew she wouldn’t make it but i insisted on trying to make her better by nursing her. right when i got her home after they gave her fluids and anti-nausea med’s, we laid her in a bed and she lay on her side breathing so fast, heart rate up there, and she didn’t move for 45 minutes when i got off the phone from my husband who is in jail he told me to tell her he loved her (she was our dog) and i came down to check on her and right when i leaned down she seemed to try to bark and her breathing slowed, her heart rate slowed, she made 2 more little last breath/bark attempts and her heart stopped. :(

    <3 her forever.

    • admin says

      Hi Danielle:
      Again, I’m so very sorry and you ARE in my prayers. She crossed the rainbow bridge in your arms, but you can count on seeing her again one day when you too cross over. I know this is a hard time for you, but please stay clean and stay strong for your beloved Reesie. There are those cheering for you. 😮 ~Janie

  9. Kristen M. says

    We took our two month old Japanese Chin fishing with us. Shortly after he drank out of the stagnet water he vommited and started with diahrrea. He keeps having to “go” but all that comes out is water looking liqued tinged red. I am very worried about him as he is lethargic and wont drink. We don’t have money to take him to the vet. I have probiotics for humans, charcoal and gatoraid, he is all of maybe 4 to 5lbs. Please tell me what I can do to help this little fella, he has only been with us a short time but I love him so much. He usually is peppy and running all over the house. I’m heart sick already.

    • admin says

      Hi Kristen:
      I’m sorry to hear about your little fella. The problem with drinking stagnet water is that many, many parasites live in that water including Giardia. These parasites attack the intestinal system and the dog will soon show signs of diarrhea, vomiting and DEHYDRATION…

      Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do at home if he is infected with a parasite and you need to get him to the vet. It’s debatable as to whether or not Giardia is contagious to humans — with cats — it definitely is.

      You MUST wear gloves when cleaning up any feces and be extremely clean with your dog and yourself and the environment until you get it under control. I can’t say for sure what type of parasite if any is infecting your little guy, but you can’t guess and hope it will go away. You’re going to have to get him to the vet if you want to clear this up.

      Unfortunately, probiotics, charcoal and gatorade are not going to get rid of an intestinal parasite. I know this isn’t the answer you wanted to hear, but I hope it helps.


  10. ansley says

    i have a 8 weekold pit bull an he started having loose stool today i recently gave him some dog treats so im not sure if it was to strog for his h has ate some table food(i know not good for him)..he is still drinking an ive givin him some gatorade an water mix…can u tell me anything to do to help wih his stool?

    • admin says

      I would try a little PLAIN Metamucil. You can try an 1/8 teaspoon sprinkled on his food. If you have canned pumpkin – NOT PUMPKIN PIE FILLING – JUST PLAIN PUMPKIN IN THE CAN – you can also try a little of that. The funny thing about pumpkin is that for some dogs it firms up the stool, yet for others it can cause more loose stools.

      Hope this helps.

  11. Cynthia says

    First let me say Thank You for having a site like this for those of us that are almost sure taking their dogs/cats to the vet IS the last trip they will go on. That is how things are in my case.
    I have a 17 plus year old pekinese named Paws, he has always been is great health until about the last 3 years.
    He now is almost blind, his hearing is barely there and really bad arthritis. He has never been one to be or get sick, however i have always had him on good food(science diet lamb and rice or iams), i know how fortunate we have been with him being the breed that he his.
    However, here is the problem now, he has had diarrhea for 3 days now. But with this, there is a lot of mucous or jelly looking substance in his stool. At his age with no health problems other then what i have listed, what could be the cause and what can i do to try to keep him comfortable? I refuse to put him through a lot of testing at his age, he reminds me of a man 100 yrs old….grouchy, very slow and just wants to be left alone; but every so often has
    good days. As odd as it may sound it seems that Paws feels a lot better on the days after i make a comment about needing to put him down, which makes things worse on me. As harsh as this may sound, i wish it would happen naturally because what if i put him down and he isnt ready?! I just really need advice on the diarrhea and if possible, are there signs when they have given up and “ready”? I know that is not related to the subject but any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you ever so much,

    • admin says

      Hi Cynthia:
      I’m very sorry to hear about your little old guy and “thank you” for your kind compliments about our site. First, let me start by saying that we’ve found that our dogs have always let us know when it’s time by their look or mannerisms. I wish I could make this decision easy on you, but that’s not possible. But what I can say is that, you’ll know when it’s time. The signs are that they simply look exhausted and no longer want to eat.

      Here is a link for an excellent natural product made by Newton Homeopathics for treating diarrhea and gas in dogs. It gets great reviews and it’s a gentle formula and not to expensive. $14.99 plus shipping I think and you only need a tiny bit. I would try this on your old guy because you can use it as often as needed. Secondly, if you can, try and give him a really high end food such as Fromms (dry) and then include meat such as Wellness Ninety Five Percent. If you’re not giving your old dog a multi-vitamin, please do. I could recommend many things to you, but this is a great start.

      I hope this answered your question and I hope that it helps. I know what a difficult time you are at right now. We’ll be thinking of you.

      Janie 😮

  12. Amy says

    We have an almost one year old american blue heeler/border collie mix (we found him as a small puppy at a local shelter) that has had diarrhea going on three days. The first day he seemed a bit sleepy and calm, but he’s been pretty normal since then. He’s had way too many table scraps since Thanksgiving and got into a bag of our trash last week. He’s had diarrhea before, but never for this long and never so messy. :( We have had to clean his kennel twice and three other accidents in the house. What can we do for him to help him get better on his own?

    • admin says

      Hi Amy:
      I recommend withholding food for 24 hrs. then feed small amounts of boiled chicken and cooked rice mixed with probiotics until the stool forms again. If this doesn’t work, I recommend that you see a vet.


  13. Meshell says

    My Sam is a 7 year old black lab mix who has been suffering from diarrhea for nearly a month! He was on Metro at 2x/5 days and took Panacur. The vet wasn’t able to offer a diagnosis, though they felt he was suffering from bacteria and/or parasites. A little over a month ago I went backpacking with the guy, and I unknowingly allowed him to drink from several stagnant water sources (an unwise idea that I have learned caused this problem).

    He is underweight in my opinion (67 lbs when he is normally 72), has always been a “lazy lab” so I cannot tell if he is lethargic, on a bland diet of 2 cups of rice and chicken mixture with a tablespoon of pureed pumpkin. I am not sure what else to do because my budget is beyond spent for the vet (already spent $500! plus time off to take dog to vet).

    I am scared for the guy, and his stools are still straight water. They smell like food, and he has not gone inside the house. He has already finished his meds and I dread taking him back to get another round of $100 meds when the problem doesn’t seem to be addressed at all.

    Unfortunately, the two stool samples we’ve taken have come back negative.

    Do you have any suggestions or thoughts? I am very scared for my guy, and while he has a relatively healthy, cold and wet nose, at times it gets a little dry and he spent all day napping with me yesterday.

    • admin says

      Hi Michelle:
      You MUST put him on a good PROBIOTIC supplement immediately to help fight off the bad bacteria in the body. Also, you can’t continue to feed him the chicken and rice diet long term since it’s not balanced and contains no calcium. It’s vital that you keep him on a good probiotic for life…..

      However, for now I recommend that you continue with the diet but add 1 heaping tablespoon of kidney beans (rinsed and dried off) to the chicken and rice. Add one cooked scrambled egg (use non fat cook spray) and also include the crushed egg shell to the mix. STOP THE PUMPKIN. Add 1 teaspoon of ground flaxseed (cold pressed – we get it in our all natural section of the supermarket here) per cup of food and include cooked, mashed sweet potato. DO NOT use the sweet potatoes in a can with syrup! I would also like to see you add 1/4 cup of steamed kale (super green food) as well.

      Keep him on this until you see change. Again, the probiotics (not just any – get a good one) are a MUST!

      Hope this helps. Let me know how things how things progress please. 😮

      • Meshell says

        Thank you. My roommate is a holistic nutritionist and the other is an energy worker. Between the three of us, we high quality probiotics and enzymes. I am not sure which probiotics to put him on, but I took one of the highest quality ones and fed half of it to him this morning along with half an enzyme bill. I also added one leveled tablespoon of pumpkin and psyllium husk. I was exited to see him start forming up some stools, however it is still mush.

        I will take him off pumpkin completely and added a scrambled egg with crushed egg shell to his morning and evening feedings. Will add some roasted sweet potato to his diet (that was in my dinner menu already :) ). I believe my roommate has some ground flax seed (cold pressed), however if not, I will run to the Wholefoods down the street. I have also read that the use of lemon or peppermint essential oils on his pads promotes deinfestation of parasites in his body.

        Currently his stool is still yellow, he feels a bit more lethargic, and he will be seeing the Bansfield vet clinic on Friday (I’m very meh on their services as I did not feel I was provided this information like you provided; I’ve had better vets in the past… c’est la vie; at least Sam is getting taken care of). Thank you!

        Thank you again for your prompt response.

        • admin says

          Hi Michelle:
          You’re very welcome. Please be sure to include the mashed kidney beans ok and I would only give one egg a day for now – maybe half in the morning and half at night. Give him several small meals – maybe 3 vs 2 bigger meals. I only want you to include the egg as a good source of protein. Make sure that the roasted sweet potato has nothing on it – just plain. You want the meal to be somewhat dry if that makes sense. It’s excellent to give both digestive enzymes and probiotics and in fact, I always recommend that, but when diarrhea is a problem, you’re better off with just the probiotics until his belly is in order.


        • Mac says

          Hi Meshell and Admin,

          Curious to know how you r Lab is ? We have a 5 yr. old Vizsla that is experiencing similar conditions. Tested for basic worms due to soft stool or diarrhea (negative), Girardia (positive) so 6 days of Panacur – still diarrhea . Supposed to fast for 24 hrs. but did not – long story. Metronidozale and bland diet (Id kibble/rice/nonfat cottage cheese) for 14 days. Added Forti Flora Probiotic about the 8th day of Metronidozale, and added 2mg of Imodium per 12 hrs to see if that would help symptoms. About 11 days into Metronidozale no improvement (very watery). Next step would be to do and extensive diarrhea lab panel according to the Vet. Followed everything except for the fast. Energy is ok, no vomiting, no blood. Any advice???? Thanks in advance!

          • admin says

            Hi Mac:
            I’m so sorry for the delay; been very busy with the holidays. You absolutely MUST add a good probiotic supplement to your Vizsla‘s diet. My brother has 2 Vizsla’s (one a show a dog) and we went through a similar situation with his. Although I’m not a huge fan of kibble; my brother and his wife didn’t have the time to feed any other type of diet at the time, so I recommended Fromm’s dry formula along with Wellness Ninety Five Percent and a good probiotic. The dog’s are doing very well.

            I hope this helps.
            Site Admin

  14. Eileen says

    I have a 13 year old border collie/beagle mix that my ex-husband got for my daughter when my daughter was 5 years old. Fluffy (our dog) had to go live with my sister 2 years ago when my ex-husband couldn’t take care of her anymore. There were no other pets in her house and she was treated like a queen. A week ago my sister couldn’t keep her anymore so now I took her. I have 2 cats (ages 8 and 13 years old). The meeting went better than i expected seeing as no body died..but I know all 3 animals are stressed out. I bought a cage for the dog along with a muzzle. She is very good about not going potty in the house, however she has has diarrhea for 2 days now. She went twice in my house. I bought dry dog food but because she was so stressed and felt bad I gave her chicken breast and chicken burgers and now hot dogs to her to eat. The chicken didn’t seem to cause any problems but the most recent, the hot dogs may have? Could it be the food or the stress maybe? She has never had to be in a cage or wear a muzzle. I only keep her in the cage when I’m not home and the muzzle is only when she barks at the cats and for 5 to 10 minutes tops as a training method for her. Please help! I don’t want to put her down..I knew it would be hard with the cats but I’m trying to keep the dog but if the diarrhea continues..I don’t want to ruin my house!!

    • admin says

      Hi Eileen:
      I’m sorry to hear about your issues. The diarrhea is most likely being caused more to the stress of change than anything. However, the food you’re feeding probably just added to it. Often times our own stress trickles over to our animals and they are very intuitive and pick up on it.

      Is it possible to give your kitties an area of the house of the house for them say upstairs or downstairs (you get the point) allowing them their freedom somewhat and then giving your dog the same freedom in an area of the house (I don’t mean locking her in a basement). If you have a two story house you could do this. The good thing is that the dog is older so the drive to confront should be less.

      Your goal should be to find a happy medium for both without upsetting the routine any more than it has to be. The crate and the muzzle I feel are only adding to the problem of diarrhea, etc. Instead of throwing a muzzle on her because she barks; you need to talk gently to her when she starts and let her know that it’s ok. Reinforce this continuously until you see behavioral change.


      Start with boiling chicken and adding cooked white rice. Do this for a couple of days to see if the diarrhea stops. Add a multi vitamin to the food. You CANNNOT keep her on this diet long term with out adding a multi vitamin. This is recommended as a temporary diet only.

      I hope this helps Eileen.

      Site Admin

  15. Eileen says

    I also want to add that Fluffy, my dog, always got table scraps at my sister’s house as well and even at my ex-husbands when my daughter was there visiting…and i even would slip her a piece or 6 of whatever lunchmeat he had in his fridge when I was is very used to table scraps. I’m sure some would upset a dog’s stomach..or new to them might…but hot dogs or chicken..I wouldn’t have thought so..I’m not giving her any now..obvioulsy, because I want the diarrhea to stop, and she’s not eating her dry food..but is drinking water. That’s her only symptom that anything is wrong with her..her nose is cold and wet.

  16. Lauren says

    I have a 7 week old husky puppy. Recently I believe she may have swallowed some pieces of a Nylabone. I bought one big enough that she couldn’t swallow it whole and her teeth didn’t seem to do much damage to it. But now, I cannot find the bone and she is having diarrhea. She was changing foods, so I know that is part of it. I am more worried about the potential obstruction from the nylabone. She acts normal, no tenderness in belly, no vomiting and she is not hard of breathing. She only has the diarrhea. Will the pieces pass through okay? It’s going on 36 hours since she swallowed some of the pieces (not sure the size, but best guess would be small chunks less than dime sized). She had soft stools before the bone, but now they are much more runny. Thank you.

    • admin says

      Hi Lauren:
      I’m not sure which Nylabone you gave, but if it’s the non-edible bone, then Nylabone says that if small pieces are ingested that they should pass through just fine (pieces the size of rice). But, if the dog swallowed a larger piece, then contact a vet. I would keep an eye on her and watch for any behavioral changes. It’s especially important to get her to the vet if her stool is watery and contains blood.

      I recommend following Dr. Mercola’s advice for treating a puppy with mild diarrhea.

      Hope this helps your little girl. 😮

      • Lauren says

        Thank you!
        Luckily we finally found the bone. She somehow was able to put it inside her pet bed. Very talented puppy she is. But thank you so much for your response. Now to fix the diarrhea from switching puppy foods. Again, thank you :)

  17. Kathy hilderbrand says


    I have a question. I have 2 big dogs and a medium dog. My two big dogs are now showing signs of diarrhea (it really watery and bright yellowish tan about the color of the food.) but not my medium one. I am not sure if it is the food as the two big ones eat (pediagree) and the medium is on as special food. Or if it is some cookies that were bought for them.(I have stopped giving them the cookies) but my medium did not have the runs just soft stool then it firm up. I have started them on no food for 24 hours and have given them each a half of a immodim(sorry for the spelling)and started them on a 50/50 pedilight and water mixture.

    I was wondering if there was something else I can do for them at home as I am on a fix income.

    • admin says

      Hi Kathy:
      I’m sorry to say this, but you are feeding what I consider to be one of the worst dog foods available. I’m not sure what formula you’re feeding, but here’s an example of their “Adult Complete Nutrition” for dogs formula. What you see below are the ingredients from this formula and it includes everything that is NOT RECOMMENDED TO FEED DOGS (outside of a few supplements). There is nothing in this food that is good for your dog and everything that’s bad for them:


      I’m not surprised that your dogs (even though it’s only 2 of them) have diarrhea and honestly you can expect this on and off if you keep feeding this food. The reason the medium dog does not have diarrhea is because he’s eating a special food as you said. I understand Kathy that you are on a fixed income, but for the sake of your dogs, you need to find a way to get them on a better food and that doesn’t mean Ol’ Roy or Royal Canin. Even Iams would be a huge step up from Pedigree. You’re probably already paying around $26 for 36 pounds of Pedigree and Iams Proactive Healthy mini chunks is roughly $36 for 33 pounds. If you do change their food, do it slowly over a weeks time by slowly eliminating the old food and slowing introducing the new food until the old food is all gone.

      I’m sure you are doing the best that you can; but your dogs are going to have a lot more problems than just diarrhea if you don’t find a way to feed them a better food. I wouldn’t typically recommend Iams, but it’s in and round the same price range and a definite step up for your fur babies. Don’t feed rawhide EVER – ok. It’s bad news. No Chicken Jerky – dogs are dying from jerky and the FDA is placing warnings all over the place. Watch the dog treats you feed. You’re better off not giving any treats than giving treats that are unhealthy for your dogs. An example of bad ingredients in dog treats would look much like the ingredients listed in Pedigree.

      After the 24 hour fast, you should start feeding them either boiled chicken and rice or boiled ground meat (fat rinsed) and rice diet until the stool forms.

      Take care Kathy and I hope you can find a way to make some necessary changes for your furry family members.


      • kathy hilderbrand says

        Thank you so much you just confirmed what me and my hubby were talkking about. I know you don’t suggest yogurt do you have something else with the good stuff that I can add with the rice and chicken

        • admin says

          You’re welcome Kathy. One of the best things for diarrhea is flax seed, but you have to get that at a health food store. The rice and chicken should firm up the stool nicely without adding anything else to it. Definitely not yogurt. Canned pumpkin – not pumpkin pie filling – just plain pumpkin given with the chicken and rice can be tried; however, pumpkin can work two ways. It can relieve constipation – meaning cause a dog to move their bowels or do the opposite and help firm up the stool. Only give a teaspoon to each dog at each feeding.

          I would simply try the boiled chicken and rice until you see some change.

          Hope that helps.

  18. E says

    My dog has been eating Science Diet for weeks with no problems and seems to enjoy it. He even eats it when he visits his dog friends at another house. For the last three days, however, he is completely uninterested in it and has just developed awful diarrhea today.

    Is the food making him sick? I’ve switched foods before and he has had loose stools here and there but never like this. I want him to be healthy and enjoy his food but I’m afraid of switching foods often. Tonight I tried 50/50 food and chicken because when I do try to fast he vomits foam. He doesn’t have access to stagnant water, only fresh.

    I’m stumped. Any suggestions?

    • admin says

      The fact that he has diarrhea is concerning. When a dog vomits white foamy fluid; it’s usually a stomach irritation such as acute gastritis, pancreatitis, peritonitis or an obstruction in the intestines (did he eat something he shouldn’t have such as a toy, sock, etc.). It’s typically recommended that you withhold food and water for twelve hours in order to rest the belly.

      You can give ice cubes or small doses of water based on your dog’s weight in order to see if he can keep it down. Pedialite mixed with a little water can also be given. If he seems ok after the 12 hour fast and he can keep the water down; vets usually recommend some bland food such as BOILED chicken and rice given in small amounts every couple of hours. If he can keep the food down, you can start to introduce his regular diet again. However, Science Diet IS NOT a food that I RECOMMEND. Here’s a list of some of the dog food brands that I prefer.

      If he starts to vomit again; take him to the vet. In the mean time, keep a very close eye on the timing of when he vomits which is very important (eg: after eating, drinking, when he gets up, when he comes in from outside, etc.)

  19. Donna says

    We have a 5 yr old German Shepard that we rescued about a yr and a half ago from an abusive home. He has had an active stomach(gassy sounds) for a couple of days. He has been feeling really good. But he had a normal bowel movement this morning but then this afternoon he went out and pooped and he had maroon colored blood on his fur and his anal area. Some of it looked mucusy. I tried to clean him off but the smell made me start to dry-heave. Can’t really afford the vet at this very moment but he is up to date on his shots. Not sure what to do at this point. :(

  20. Linda says

    Hello, please advise… my dog, 14 months is a 63 lb Border Collie/Ausie mix rescue dog. He recently spent 5 weeks at a an indoor /outdoor Kennel. He did not have direct contact with other animals. Since he had come home, he has had watery or very soft stools every morning. We were feeding him the same dog food prior to attending the Kennel. (Taste of the Wild) he was feed Blue ?? Something at the Kennel.

    We had switched him to Precise Canine ( which contains no corn,wheat,dairy, soy or grain sorghum) no improvement with the stools. He has a history of being treated for giardiasis 2 times as a puppy with panacur, ( age 4 months and then again about 9 months) with a negative stool followed by the second occurrence. Since you can purchase the panacur online, I started him on it 2 days ago (6 gms/ day x 3 day total) tonight will be his last dose, though I thought I would see some improvement in his stools by now, this morning it was very watery, where the consistency had been similar to watery mashed potatoes.

    The dog has been back home from the Kennel for 4 weeks now, he is eating his dog food morning and evening, though he is not excited to eat. ( prior to the Kennel stay, he was always excited to eat his food) he does not eat table food, most of the dog treats we give him are natural, or liver.

    Thank you for any advise you can provide. Linda

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Linda:
      My recommendation is to get him on probiotics (good probiotics) and keep him on them. This is especially important for dogs that are going to be kenneled or go to doggy daycare etc. ALL DOGS should be on probiotics just to keep their immune system nice and strong. Since he seems to be having the problem over and over and he’s already been treated for giardia (which probably isn’t a definite diagnosis), here’s my thoughts:

      I recommend adding a digestive blend to his meals to help with any GI sensitivities he has. This is a good one and you can check out the reviews yourself.

      If this doesn’t help, I would then switch his food to a limited ingredient dog food. Wellness makes a good one. But, continue with the above blend.

      Please write back and let us know how it goes ok.

      Admin. and HUGE dog lover

  21. alisha says

    My dog is a beagle/english bulldog mix. We’ve had a hard time finding the right food for him, because it always seemed like his stools were slightly soft and smelled terrible. And then the got the most terrible watery diarrhea for a couple days. We finally saw our local animal nutritionist and he’s on Acana free-run duck and bartlett pear, and getting 1/4 cup of tripe twice a day, as well. He’s been on this mix for a little over a week and is doing well. However, after a couple instances of diarrhea in the last couple days, we’ve finally figured it out: he gets diarrhea when he runs of gets overly excited. He gets diarrhea at the dog park about halfway through which continues once we get home. And we visited family and he ran around the house excited to see the other dog, and ended up getting diarrhea 3 or 4 times that night. Do you think probiotics/enzymes will help his gut flora to where this will stop happening? I can’t just not exercise him, he’s only 7 months old and needs exercised and socialized. I’ve been reading people say they have the same problem and nothing helps. Please tell me I’m not doomed to never run my dog again!

    • alisha says

      A little backstory I meant to include: we got him at 6 months old (about 6 weeks ago) and he had been severly underfed, and on Iams at that. He looked terrible. Bones sticking out. Since we got him, he’s grown 2 inches and gained 10 lbs. We put him first on Nutro limited ingredient, but his poop, while not runny, was sticky and smelled horrible. We transitioned him over to Authority grain free, thinking grain might have been an issue fr him. He did okay for a week and a half, but the bags were so small, we decided to switch to a grain free that had larger bulk-sized bags. So we switched to Wellness Core. This was the food that all of his issue started with, and our local nutritionist told us to get him off it, and onto Acana, and also with tripe. I know we’ve done a lot of food-swapping, I’m hoping we can finally call it done. I’m mostly just wondering is physical activity can cause diarrhea in a healthy dog, or if it’s his gut health still not being up to par.

      • janie knetzer says

        Hi Alisha:
        I’m sorry to hear about your little guy. Yes, you have done alot of food swapping which can really have a tremendous affect on a dog’s digestive system. Personally, I don’t think he’s getting diarrhea from getting excited. I think he has an already sensitive digestive system and the excitement just adds to it.

        I would stick with the advice of your nutritionist though or you can take look at my list of 10 dog foods that I recommend. Digestive enzymes help your dog to absorb the nutrients in the food he eats, while probiotics provide good bacteria as you mentioned. Including both of these is always a good idea for your dog. Here’s the formula that I use for my dogs which includes both.

        I’m not certain that it will solve all of your dog’s issues; but I think it will definitely help. I’m not a huge fan of kibble – period. If you’re going to feed kibble, I believe in supplementing it with a real meat such as Wellness Ninety Five Percent. No matter how good the kibble is, it’s still kibble.

        Here’s an article that may help about a dog named “Boo” and how I finally got her soft stool issues on track.

        Janie 😮

  22. Kori says

    We have a 17 week old mixed standard schnauzer/mini schnauzer. Today he had a loose stool, not watery but like pudding. He also had two very smelly farts. I have not changed his food but bought him an nylabone puppy edible made out of lamb and apple. I feed him Wellness just for puppy dry mixed with the canned one. This is made out of chicken. So I’m wondering if the nylabone edible caused the loose stool. He has been acting normal, very playful and energetic. Should I take him to the vet or should I just try something at home? Thank you so much in advance.

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Kori:
      The first important issue is whether or not his stool was soft before you gave the nylabone or not? That will tell you alot. I would try a little boiled chicken and sticky rice and gradually add his regular food back.


      • Kori says

        Hi Jamie, thank you for replying. His stool was hard before giving him the nylabone. I have given him a nylabone edible before but it was bacon flavor and he was fine. This morning his stool was a little harder than last night but still not like before. I will try the chicken and rice. How much do I give him. right now he is eating 1/2 cup dry food mixed with 3 teapoons of wet food twice a day.

        • janie knetzer says

          Hi Kori:
          I would give him about 1/2 chicken and rice plus approx. 1/8 cup to make up for the the 3 teaspoons of wet food. If you continue to feed him the edible nyla bones and see that he has problems – I recommend stopping them completely Kori.


  23. says

    my dog has had diraha for over a month my vet put her on prisption dog food i cant aford it and pay my bills to, can any body sugest something else this dog food one hundred and sixty dollars a month.

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Linda:

      What is your dog on prescription food for? Have you seen my book that includes recipes for dogs diagnosed with disease and illness. These recipes and this book were created as a way for dog owners to provide their dog with a better option of food vs expensive, disgusting prescription diets. Plus, the recipes include only 5 ingredients (most of them) and they are made in the crock pot.

      Keep in mind that any dog can eat these recipes, even though they re tailored towards the needs of dogs with specific diseases and conditions. Also, when use these recipes, you must include a daily multi-vitamin as well.

      Let me know why your vet placed your dog on a prescription diet okay.


  24. Finola Poon says

    Hi Jani, my dog has had diarrhea over 2 months and we have tried everything we could and its just on and off, please let me know if you have anything in mind? Here is how it started.

    Bubby, 17months old Old English Sheepdog, male, always been healthy, and on homecooked diet, 34kg. We went to the Beach in late Aug, his first visit, and he drank some seawater. After then his has soft stool and I thought it will go in a few days, however, 4 days later it became so bad, spinkler like, frequent, watery and loads of mucus diarrhea came along, and then vomiting at mid night.
    Took him to vet A ( we have seen many vets so just to make it less confusing), diagnosed with gastroenterities, had some medicines and an injection to stop the vomitting. He was all good for 1-2 weeks, the diarrhea came back, again smelly as it could be, watery nad MUCUS! And they sometimes just randomly comes out from his butt.
    Took him to vet B, diagnosed Giardia with giardia speed test, we also did blood test which was normal. 5 days of metronidazoles 250 3.25 tab twice a day together with other supplements e.g. probiotics. Got better straight away with firm stool, weight raised back to 32.3kg after 5 days treatment. Slight mucus can only be found when i open up his stool, so vet B gave us another 5 days of the same medication just to make sure it is all cleared up. And so after total of 10 days, fecal examination showed all clear, weighting 32.6 kg. Next day he jumped into the pool and I quickly pull him back up, 30 minutes later, diarrhea with MUCUS came again, and it stinks. So I called Vet B and he gave us another 7 days of metronidazoles, same dose. After then a check up with giardia speed test showed negative, weight 34.2 kg. Given probiotics and GI protection to rebuild his system. (He has always had boiled chicken breast and white rice and pumpkin when he has diarrhea or on meidcation, once hes off I started giving him vegies and other meats)
    A week later, we are on it again, took him to Vet C, did stool routine, Leptospira spp test, and giardia cysts test. All clear. But the vet gave us: metronidazoles 200mg 2 tabs twice a day,Sucari 500mg tablet, twice a day, 2 tabs, Direa (Crospovidone) tablet, twice a day, 3 tabs and
    Trimethoprim 480mg tablet, twicw a day, 1 tabs, 7 days treatment. He stopped our probiotics too. Bubby then didnt get straight back to normal like before, it took him 2 days for diarrhea to stop, yet he starts panting, he breath so quickly, and he has relatively high tempreture than he usually has (38.6 degrees celsius even after walk), we got 39.2, 39.4 all at night time 10pm before he sleeps. He is so tired too, but appetite is good as always. After 4 days of those medication, I thought he might be getting worse so we consulted our 4th vet, Vet D.
    Vet D did a blood test and rectal smear, blood test nomal but with BUN is high yet CREA was noraml, so we did not have much concern about it, though he drinks excessively loads of water. Rectal smear came back and showed that bacterial rods & cocci admixed with mucus and blood, and low numbers of erythrocytes and increase numbers of degenerate neutrophils. The lab suggested that there was an active inflammation in his colon/ rectum going on. Both me and Vet D agreed to stop him from Vet C’s medication, and just to be back on probiotics, with bland diet, and prokolin paste (only when his stool is abnormal, 5 unit, twice a day), to see if he feels better. After 3 days of that Bubby seems panting lesser, but still he is lethargic. Then on 5th day he had soft stool in the morning with slight mucus, and in the evening watery splashing with mucus again, i quickly gave him the prokolin paste, he stopped pooping for 24 hours (meanwhile I gave him another 2 times of prokolin). Since he has no poop over 24 hours so we stoped prokolin, and diarrhea came back straight away in the afternoon. I noticed that his breath smells differnt and so does his sweat in his paws.

    We are all very worried about Bubby and do not know what to do. He just had 2 times (9am and 11am) diarrhea again… and this morning he refused to finish his food, and went to drink water instead, which he has never done that before. We are trying this new probiotics (FortiFlora) too. I know that this is a very long comment, thank you very much for reading it!!!!

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Finola:

      I’m so sorry about Bubby. This must be really frustrating since he was a picture of health not so long ago.

      A little mucus in your dog’s stool is normal, but large amounts are not, especially when the stool is in diarrhea form and includes blood. This could indicate an infection or inflammation within the intestines. It can also signify colon cancer or an obstruction in the bowel. I think Bubby is a little young for colon cancer, but with the frequency of diarrhea; infection and inflammation are most likely (or were) present. When I say “were present”, I’m referring to an infection, because I’m assuming one of these vets put Bubby on an antibiotic. However, inflammation could still be a problem and an obstruction should also be considered. But, I believe they checked for that as well, correct?

      Anyway, what I would recommend is using a holistic approach (shared by one of my favorite holistic vets) and provide a good antioxidant formula to control oxidative bowel damage. Most often diarrhea stops completely within a week. While some dogs only need the antioxidants temporarily, others need them permanently. I strongly Reply

      • Finola Poon says

        Hi Janie,

        Thank you very much for your reply. His rectal smear showed that he has active colon/ rectum inflammation. We are pretty certain about that just we cannot find out why. His blood test is normal, stool routine shows theres no parasites, he has no stress recently.

        I was thinking if it was because of all the metronidazoles antibiotics he had that damaged his intestines (by killing all the good bacteria in his gut), but we have tried with probiotics for over nearly 2 weeks, and no improvement is seen. And so I am trying to start with change of diet now. I gave him boiled chicken only without rice, so as to see if he has a problem with grains, yet he has always done well with all rice and stuff. Or it could be the chicken.. His diarrhea is getting worse and worse and more frequent, he is lethargic too. Some people here suggested me to put him on dry dog food again (which he always had until 10 months), what would you say about that?
        I have been searching for holistic/ Traditional Chinese Medicine vets here, but not much luck so far.
        I fast his food for 24 hours yesterday, he felt better I guess.. We are trying everything we could now, running some more tests too to try and find out why. Will keep you posted!

        Thank you very much!

  25. Finola Poon says

    Hi Janie,
    Thank you for your recommendations. They do not sell the antioxidant here but I can always get them online and have them ship over, will have a try with them.
    Yes, me too, have been trying to explain to others how Bubby should stay with homecooked bland diet, but dry food, is not bland..
    If he still doesnt improve with “just boiled chicken”, maybe I will introduce some other fresh meat, what would you recommend us on this? Would boiled, non fat salmon fillet be too heavy? He has mild allergy reaction to beef so we do not have much choices.

    Thanks alot.

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Finola:
      However you have to get the antioxidant, you should.

      Here’s the problem when you just feed meat; the meal is not balanced and that’s not good. I would also NOT RECOMMEND boiling salmon. Taking all the fat out his diet, isn’t good either.

      Please understand that feeding a small amount of grains on occasion is NOT a bad thing, despite what you read. The problem is when a dog eats more grain than anything else on a routine basis; that’s bad. But, feeding a healthy amount of whole grains or white rice for certain conditions like diarrhea, is fine. If I were you, I would try making some rice water and see if that works.

      Boil one cup of good white rice (not instant or Minute rice) to four cups of water for roughly 25 minutes. Strain the water into a pitcher or a jar. You can save the rice and add it to boiled chicken later if you want. The rice water will help to replenish electrolytes. See if hell drink it; if not, add about a teaspoon of baby food (chicken, etc) and see if that works. You can give it to him as often as he’ll drink it. Get the antioxidant!

      I have a cookbook that has alot of 5 ingredient recipes for the crock pot (many without grain), which might interest you once you get your boy straightened out. Although the book includes recipes which are tailor made to meet the needs of dogs with certain diseases; healthy dogs can also enjoy the recipes. Just sharing this with you because the recipes are easy and include a nice variety.


      • Finola Poon says

        Happy Update :)

        Bubby is all good now after we replaced his chicken and rice with halibut fish with sweet potato. He truns right back around after introducing the new menu, without any medication. We think it might be the chicken that he had over 2 months that was bothering his intestines.

        Our case is he caught Giardia and he got out of it from antibiotics, however the 17 days treatment has caused inflammation in his intestines and therefore as an outcome, bad diarrhea. After then we have been feeding him boiled chicken breast and rice, as it is good for diarrhea, apparently, plus more medication, which only made things worse. We then stoped the medication but still no improvement, so we decided to change his menu, and he turned right back around!

        We are now gradually switching him back to normal diet with variety of food, and he is doing very well. No more mucus in stools, all perfect.

        Thank you Janie for your help and I hope others would find our experience helpful too.


        • janie knetzer says


          This is WONDERFUL news!!! Go Bubby, yippee…. You did a wonderful job Finola. Bubby is a very lucky boy. :)


  26. emma says

    My dog had watery diarrhea with a bit of blood and was vomiting yellow mucus. When I took her to the vet, the vet asked me to not give her water or food. She did not eat anything or have water for 3 days; instead was given glucose and meds by drip.

    Then on the 2nd day she did not eliminate; on the 3rd day she had a bit blackish poop. Now she has been put back on food and water, but has had only curd and a little fish and rice yesterday. She has not eliminated at all for 2 days.

    Is it normal to stop eliminating completely after diarrhea?

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Emma:

      I’m sorry to hear about your girl. Did your vet check her for an obstruction? I would hope so.

      If she is only eating a small amount compared to what she would normally eat, then I think it may be possible for her body to just absorb the nutrients in the food. I would try walking her and giving her a little solid food and see what happens.

      Hope this helps.

  27. Stacey says

    My 1 1/2 year old Bloodhound woke up with diarrhea. When I got home tonight I was cooking him rice, hamburger and green beans, I looked down and there was blood everywhere on my walls. Vet is closed. Not sure what to do. I have read several of your comments and it said to with hold his food for 12-24 hours. Should I start there or take him to vet hospital

      • Stacey says

        Thank u so much for your response. Diesel is doing great! I don’t know what I would do if something happened to him. He is my love. Thanks for having this site. God Bless you

        • janie knetzer says

          Hey Stacy: So glad to hear that Diesel is doing okay. Thanks so much for your kind words regarding the website.


  28. Michelle says

    My big German Shepard ate about a third of a small crockpot full of pork short ribs that were put outside to cool.

    He seems fine so far,it has been about 5 hours as I write this, not to sure if he chewed the bones or just swallowed them whole, usually he is pretty good when it comes to him chewing his food, but he was not seen as he was enjoying our ribs, if he chewed or not.

    Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks in advance,


    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Michelle:

      At least it sounds like your big boy enjoyed your dinner and approves of your cooking skills. :) I would keep an eye on him for the next 24-48 hours anyway. Cooked bones splinter and can have sharp edges. They can also get stuck in the stomach or intestine causing blockage. Look for the obvious; diarrhea or vomiting. If you notice soft stool after the wait period; I would try the rice water for a day or two. It’s possible that the ribs won’t bother him at all (although cooked bones are not recommended) if they weren’t too fatty and/or basted in BBQ sauce. Vomiting is a symptom of an obstruction. So if he should be vomiting say in a week still, I would definitely make a trip to the vet to check for an obstruction.

      Good luck.

  29. Crystal says

    Hey your website is very informative. My issue is I have a 7 year old miniature Dachund and for the past 5 days she has had diarrhea/soft stools with a good bit of mucous. The first day I waited 24 hours and then fed her the rice and boiled chicken diet with a tablespoon of pumpkin. Her next stool was better then the same on the next day a little soft but not runny. I haven’t done anymore pumpkin since I heard several don’t recommend it. For 3 days after having one meal a day of the rice and chicken it went from water diarrhea to soft, and the fourth day and now fifth day still feeding the same bland diet it is getting watery again and continues to have some mucous in it. This sounds horrible but I am having financial issues. Her vet recommended the 24 hour wait and bland diet. She acts like she feels wonderful, the only issue is she doesn’t want to drink water and I have tried mixing Gatorade, pedialyte and chicken broth mixed with water. I have found that I can put water in her rice and she drinks it so she basically is having ” chicken rice soup. I have checked her skin between shoulder blades and gums to make sure they aren’t dry or tacky and that is all fine like it should be. ” I have had her on Iams since she was born and I see the comments of how bad it is? I mix the Iams with purina one smart blend chicken and barley formula 1/3 of the can a day to a 3/4-1/2 cup kibble to give her a kibble/soft mixture that had a better mixture I thought. No diet change at all, shes up to date on all vaccines. Her main problem is anal gland issues. I have to have them expressed every month. Just had them done a week ago but have noticed before the onset of diarrhea she was showing some drainage spots of the anal glands just a spot or 2 on her blanket. Any advice at all you can give me would be so so greatly appreciated.
    Thank You

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Crystal:

      Just changing your dog’s diet to a good food can often eliminate diarrhea. Providing there’s no underlying health issues of course. I realize that you’re having financial difficulties, but the good thing is that your dog is so small that a good food would go a long way! My recommendation would be to place your little girl on a food such as The Honest Kitchen. I love this food. It’s like homemade, but all you do is add warm water and let it sit for a few minutes. This would be a huge benefit for your girl.

      Secondly, please don’t feed Gatorade. And lastly, DON’T allow your vet or anyone else to empty your dog’s glands regularly. This too causes alot of problems for the dog. The glands will not empty on their own if you keep having them emptied. If the glands are filling up that fast, that’s due to diet problems. A good food, along with a good fatty acid would most likely help. Dry foods cause a lot of problems for dogs, including anal sac issues. There’s a product that I keep on hand called Glandex that works excellent for naturally emptying the dogs glands. Here’s a link if you want to check it out and please read the reviews, they’re excellent. I actually use it for one of my own dogs. By the way, that smell is stinky no matter whose dog it is. It’s not overly expensive and it works EXCELLENT! You just add the the appropriate amount to your dog’s food and that’s it. You only need a little, so the bottle will last you quite awhile.

      So, the bottom line is that I think you need to think long-term in order to clear up you girl’s soft stool issues. I hope this helps.


  30. Stephanie says

    Hi, I came across your site because I am trying to find answers on what to do for my Boxer. She had always been on the small side- 45 lbs. However I noticed she had lost weight in a short amount of time. I took her to the vet. They did labs, checked urine and stool. They said everything was good. It didn’t lead them to believe that there was anything major happening. They gave her a dewormer as a precaution, put her on two weeks of antibiotics, told me to feed her extra and watch her stool. She weighed 35 lbs at the vet.
    I am still concerned. I have been feeding her extra food. I don’t give her the crap food like Purina. She still does not look like she is gaining weight. And her stool is big and soft. So the vet is saying they didn’t see anything. And she is eating more and hasn’t gained and her stool is soft- is the extra food causing her to have diarrhea and thus not gain weight? I am thinking of feeding her just rice and boiled chicken for a few days and then see what she does from there. I would appreciate any help.

    • Stephanie says

      Also, I would like to add that she has been acting fine with no lethargy and has had normal behavior the whole time. She has been drinking more water. But I can’t tell if that is because I am feeding her more or if there is an issue with that. Her gums do not seem dry which makes me think it could be because of the extra food.

      • janie knetzer says

        Hi Stephanie:

        Since she is producing large soft stools, this means the problem is most likely within her small intestine aka small bowel diarrhea. So yes, it would be a good idea to feed her a bland diet of boiled beef or chicken and rice for several days. If she doesn’t get better or you notice the same problem down the road, it might be something bigger. Although you didn’t mention your dog’s age and the appearance of her coat,the first thing that comes to mind for me when you mention that your dog is a boxer is the possibility of Cushings Disease which this breed is prone to. One of the big symptoms are urinating more. If she’s urinating more, then she’s obviously drinking more water. Another symptom is that the dog will appear thin due to the loss of muscle mass. These are two symptoms that you mentioned, but there are many more. While you mentioned that there’s no lethargy, it’s possible that she is in the early stages of the disease. I would recommend that you investigate a little further. There are excellent supplements that many dog owners try on their own without the dog actually being diagnosed with Cushings. The tests don’t always indicate Cushings. Pet Well Being makes an excellent product that I recommend. You can learn about it here and see what other pet owners have to say. The product is completely all natural and contains many excellent herbs.

        I hope this information helps Stephanie.


        • Stephanie says

          So it is possible that she has two things going on?

          I can’t really say how old she is because she was rescued from a shelter. But she is older. We have had her for 5 yrs and she was between 2-4 when we got her ( the shelter estimated).
          Her coat is the same.
          Basically the only thing out of the norm was her weight loss. I haven’t really noticed her wanting to go out more.
          I will check out the product you mentioned.

  31. Benjamin Sailo says

    I have male GSD 1yr 8months old, i gave Rice with Chicken, But his stools come out like his eaten Food, its means his eating food has been come out without digestion. I think that he has indigestion problems. But he did not change his behaviour, same as very active, while very thin. Anyone please suggest me any remedies.Our vets cannot suggest any remedies,.

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Benjamin:

      If your dog’s food is coming out the same way that it went in, then you’re right, he is not digesting his food. I wish I knew what type and brand of food you are feeding. Make sure your young shepherd male is getting a good source of meat and ENOUGH food. I recommend that you include a prepared frozen raw food such as Primal. While most dogs do very well on a raw diet, it has been my experience that GSD’s typically do exceptionally well. If you feed a raw diet, you don’t need enzyme supplements for digestion. You can however still include a good probiotic.

      But, if you are feeding a kibble and especially a low grade kibble (I sure hope not), you MUST include a good digestive enzyme for your dog daily with each meal, please. This is a good formula if you want to check it out. Less expensive than many others.

      There are many reasons that cause a dog not gain weight. However, if your dog appears to be active and happy, I suggest that you take a close look at the food you’re currently feeding. While I do recommend raw for your young shepherd, I also recommend looking into a very high end kibble to help put some weight on him. I suggest feeding the kibble in the morning and raw at dinner.

      This page shares some reasons why dogs can’t or don’t gain weight. I hope this helps Ben.


  32. Leigha says

    Hi Janie,

    I have a 5 year old retriever and he has been having bouts of diarrhea for the last week, started on Tuesday. We are currently relocating to another state and are now in an apartment instead of a home and he is having to stay in the bathroom because of the mess. So, there are several changes going on for him. I did change the food a few weeks ago, but for two weeks things were fine and NO I didn’t change over gradually. My children and I are coming to visit on a 2-3 week schedule so I know he misses us. We took away his food for 48 hour and only gave some water. He seemed better and after seeing us he was in good spirits. He did have harder stools yesterday, but today I noticed that he has diarrhea again. I also did feed him last night. Do you have any suggestions???

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Leigha:

      I’m sorry to hear about your young Retriever. Just like you, he’s endured a lot of changes in several weeks and having to stay in an apartment in a bathroom is probably only making matters worse.

      First, I recommend that you don’t take away his food again, but feed a bland diet for the next couple of days Leigha (boiled chicken and cooked jasmine rice) to see how his stool responds. I understand that you have your hands full with the kids, the move, the dog, etc. But, you need to make this as comfortable as possible for your young retriever as well. Dogs are turf oriented and yours has not only been uprooted from his home and turf, but had his diet changed and is now being forced to live in a tiny bathroom (I understand though).

      But, I recommend that you feed him the bland diet, walk him often and simply comfort him at this point. Let him know that he is safe Leigha; talk to him and comfort him, tell him it’s okay and just temporary. He will get it! When me and my husband go on vacation and take our dogs with us to a home they’ve never been, they never have diarrhea. Why? Because I do what I just told you to do. I talk to them and let them know “it’s okay”.

      Much of this is not only food, but also emotional. Slowly add back his regular food, but watch his stool. Diarrhea occurs for many reasons in dogs, but in your case, I think its related to the stress of the situation happening around him. If this doesn’t work, then the food you are feeding might be playing a role. If I knew which food you are feeding, I would share my opinion.

      I hope this helps and I hope that the food you switched to is a good, high quality food.

      Take care and good luck.


    • janie knetzer says

      You’re welcome Leigha. See how he does over the next couple of days on the bland diet. Once you slowly start reintroducing the food; if you notice that his stool is still not firm, then look to adding a good meaty topper such as Wellness Ninety Five Percent to the Natures Recipes. Personally, I would like to see you do this anyway. :)


  33. HJ says

    So, here’s the thing. I have a 19 year old Beagle Mix. He’s deaf now, probably fuzzy eyes but not blind, he’s lost weight I imagine due to his age as it’s been gradual not sudden. However, the past few days he’s had runny, dark, foul smelling feces. He’s been on a dry food Science Diet & either ground chicken/beef mix for the past several months as he was turning up his nose at just dry food and I want him to eat. He doesn’t get into garbage, hasn’t ate anything he shouldn’t (this I know as I’m with him all day & he sleeps mostly), he eats snow but the vet said that was okay since he won’t really drink water unless it’s ice cold (toilet-no poisoned cleaning products get used) & at his age he sort of is unbalanced on non carpeted flooring. He seems disoriented when waking up & does fall at times. I made a mixture of rice w/ kaopectate last evening to give him which has worked in the past & will give him more rice today. I’m wondering if his body is just shutting down due to his age.

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi HJ:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your old guy. It sounds to me like the liver might be shutting down HJ. Again, I’m so very sorry. I wouldn’t feed rice and Kaopectate. I would definitely get him to the vet. If it turns out that he does have liver issues, I would try cooking him some of the recipes that I share for liver disease here.

      I wish you and your old boy the very best.


  34. Leigha says

    Hi Janie,

    We started Buddy on the rice and chicken on Monday afternoon and he had diarrhea that night and early morning, but hasn’t pooped since then. We fed him each day, Tuesday and then tonight. I guess the rice and chicken worked. Thank you. Do you have an idea what food I should put him on?

    Thank you,
    Leigha Anthony

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Leigha:

      You’re welcome and I’m glad it helped. I’m not sure what your financial status is, but if you can afford to feed a food such as Acana (which you can’t get at large pet food chains), you should. You have to get Acana from smaller, independent stores that carry the better brands of dog foods. Feeding him a food such as this will be very beneficial for his health now and down the road.

      Also, please don’t over do it with vaccinations, flea meds or heart guard. Do NOT get your dog vaccinated yearly, whatever you do!

      I hope this helps.


  35. Alicia Vore says

    Hi there..we have two 7rd old male puggles. Both are in great shape. We take them to the vet regularly for their checkups, shots, teeth cleanings, etc. One of our little guys has been battling diarrhea since January 10th. We had some friends over, there was a giant sub that he got into and ate a small portion of it. That night he had an accident in the house(very unlike him). The stool was black and gelatinis with blood. We monitored him for a day and he ate fine and acted normal. But he still had diarrhea. We took him to the vet and they took a fecal sample and tested for giardia and parvovirus. It was negative. They sent us home with an antibiotic and told us to feed him rice/boiled chicken. We did but the diarrhea kept contuing. We took him back and they tested for a bacteria infection. They sent us home with a probiotic, a different antibiotic (clavomax) and a dewormer. The sample tested negative again for bacteria infection. Every other day he wakes up with what sounds like shooting stars in his abdomen and won’t eat breakfast. Instead he eats grass and still has diarrhea (one month later). His stool is still soupy, with blood and a mucus type gelatin look to it. Otherwise he’s fine. We go on walks, he drinks water. They now want to put him on a steroid and hypoallergenic food. They currently eat “blue” lamb and rice which we have been feeding them for over 2 yrs. So there hasn’t been a sudden change in food. He doesn’t have access to standing water. I’m just not sure what to do for our little guy to get him feeling better. Is there any tests or questions we’ve missed that we should be asking our vet?

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Alicia:
      I wouldn’t recommend steroids at all!

      The Honest Kitchen Form works wonders for situations like these. I love The Honest Kitchen products and I use them regularly. Form is an herbal formula designed to help with gastrointestinal issues like the one your little Puggle is having. I definitely recommend that you try it. It’s cheap and very effective. They also have excellent foods which I think would be much better for your boys than “Blue”. Their foods are dehydrated and all you do is add warm water. Very healthy home made meals and dogs love them.

      Here’s the problem with traditional vets. They are taught to correct the symptom Alicia, not the problem. Traditional vets often push antibiotics and steroids for problems such as this, and both may work temporarily, but that’s it. Then the dog has bigger issues due to a weakened immune system, because these drugs are a double edge sword. So, the vet treated the symptom, but not the real issue at hand, which is what’s happening in your case. The more antibiotics and steroids the dog encounters, the worse off he will be.

      You mentioned that you routinely get your dog’s their vaccinations, which is what most unsuspecting people do. Did you know that dogs are only required to have the rabies vaccine every three years, even though it’s good for 10 years. These vaccines reek havoc on our dogs. Do not get vaccines your dog doesn’t need. You can read more about vaccinations here. Be careful with chemical flea and tick products as well. Many dogs die yearly from these. Use natural if possible.

      I’m telling you all this because it’s important to your dog’s long term health. These are all poisons that are being injected into your dog’s blood stream. Put your dogs health in your own hands. In addition to “Form”, a good food, daily multi-vitamin and a green herb such as this one made by Only Natural Pet will help tremendously with grass eating and long term health in general. They also offer a good multivitamin that I give to my own dogs.

      I hope this helps.


  36. Corrine says

    Thank you so much for all of your help with this site. I came here to help my 2 year old Pom, she is only 5 pounds. She has had a bout of diarrhea for over a week. We brought her to the vet, all her tests and stool sample came back without issue. They gave me meds for the diarrhea and antibiotics and nothing has helped yet. The meds appears to make her groggy….sleepy and a lack of energy.

    I am led to believe that dried chicken treats from Trader Joes are to blame. She has been eating them at least once a day, small piece…but possible a bad batch? I have thrown them all out after reading that dried chicken treats have been linked to illness and even death.

    I have been feeding her rice and chicken since she got sick. She is very fickle with her food. Eats all the chicken and leaves the rice. I have tried yogurt and she wont eat that either. I already spent $600 at the vet. I am hoping these changes help to rid her of this, but havent seem any progress yet.

    Any reccomendations? I worry because she is so small.

    From reading your site I purchased the Wellness canned food, fromms dry food, the NWC Naturals probiotics and the Vetri-science cell advance and will start those shortly.

    Thanks for any advice you may have.

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Corrine:

      I’m sorry to hear about your little girl, and thank you for your kind words. Yes, by all means, always stay away from chicken jerky coming from China. Anything coming from China. The packaging can be tricky and you have to read the front, back and small print. Some things are manufactured in China and sent here to the U.S. to simply place in the packaging. These jerky treats have killed many dogs.

      Try baking a sweet potato and mashing it, then adding it to the boiled chicken. See if she’ll eat it, and give it to her in small portions 3 times daily. See if that works Corrine and I recommend that you start her on the supplements as soon as possible since both will help with recovery. An excellent inexpensive product to keep on hand at all times is called “Form”. It’s made by The Honest Kitchen and it’s all natural and works very well for diarrhea issues.

      I hope this helps. Let me know if this works.


  37. shalabh says

    My 3.5 month puppy recently survived parvo.

    But, in the last 3 days, everything seemed normal until today. His stool is not watery, but very loose. Maybe it’s because he stole my piece of pizza and ate it, plus he ate a calcium bone. I am worried about him.

    Please help.

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Shalabh:
      I’m sorry that your puppy isn’t feeling well. Try withholding food for 12 hours. Give an ice cube every couple of hours instead of water for the next 12 hours.

      After that, can you try feeding him a bland diet for a couple of days such as boiled chicken and rice (drained of water). Or, as I mentioned in the above article, you can try feeding rice water for a day. Feed in small portions.


  38. Leigha says

    Hi Janie,

    I posted a while back about our retriever Buddy. This is the weirdest thing, but I have noticed since December that he has diarrhea every time I open a new bag of dog food (the same kind, which is IAMS Chicken & Rice). The monthly cycle is the same. I open the dog food, he starts having diarrhea, I then take away his food for 24 hours, feed chicken and rice, start back dog food, and waaaa-laaaa, he is back to normal. Does anyone else have this problem. His stool is normal until I open up another bag of food…..Do you have any idea as to why this would be and what I can do to fix this?

    I appreciate your help.


    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Leigha:

      The body, whether human or canine has a way of letting us know when it’s time for change. IAMS isn’t a food that I recommend ever. When the body doesn’t get what it needs, it reacts whether through diarrhea, vomiting, allergies, etc. Buddy’s body is definitely trying to tell you that it’s time for change.

      You would be doing him a big favor by feeding him a healthier diet Leigha. If you must feed dry, look into Fromms Four Star Nutritionals which is reasonably priced. But, I recommend that you add Wellness Ninety Five Percent canned dog food topper to it regularly. This will be a huge help. Also, feed him a good multivitamin daily.

      If you want a good brand of multivitamins, let me know and I’ll recommend one for you.

      Hope this helps.

  39. Leigha says

    Hi Janie,

    Thank you for the help. Is there a brand that is a tad cheaper, close to the $40-$50 range? Or is this food so much better that you feed them less since adding the topper. Also, before you stated not to get the dogs vaccinated yearly….why do you say that? Just curious. We recently relocated and live in an apartment complex and they require the updated shots.

    Thanks again.

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Leigha:
      The Fromms Four Star Nutritionals is a good dry food; but, dogs NEED meat Leigha to excel. That’s why I recommend that you add the Wellness Ninety Five Percent Topper. If the Wellness is to pricey, try spreading it out over a couple of days (2) in order to get more from the can. Or, you can check into Merrick 96% Grain Free which is cheaper than the Wellness. I don’t like it as much, but it will work. I recommend this combination to a lot of people and they are always very happy with the results.

      With regards to yearly vaccinations; you dog does not need and should not be vaccinated yearly. When you do this, you are literally crushing your dog’s immune system by poisoning him. Think about it; those vaccinations are poisons and pesticides that you are flooding your dog’s body with yearly. Updated shots should be no more than every three years and NEVER allow them to give your dog bundled vaccinations.

      Please read more about vaccinations on my page here. It’s 2 pages, so be sure to read both pages. When veterinarians push you to vaccinate your dog yearly, that’s for money Leigh. Those vaccinations last 10 years, but because veterinarians need this to make money, our dog’s suffer. Please read the page to give you a better understanding of how to approach it. Holistic vets understand the damage these vaccinations do and they work with you, but not traditional vets.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if I explained the vaccination issue a little better for you.


  40. olivia says


    I have a 3 month old puppy that has had diarrhea for 2 weeks now. he had it when we first got him and we took him to the vet and she gave him some antibiotics, put him on a special hill’s prescription diet and also gave him some forti flora supplements. he started gaining weight, but as soon as he started back on his normal diet, he eats hill’s lamb and rice puppy food, his diarrhea started again and is now painfully thin. I can see all his ribs. I can’t afford to be taking him back to the vet, so now I have him on the bland white rice and chicken diet. On Sunday I want to start him on a new food I ordered since I read online that it was good for puppies with sensitive tummies and is grain free. The new food is taste of the wild pacific stream salmon flavor. My question is, I know it was the food that caused the diarrhea because he was doing better when he was on the vet’s special diet. When I start him on his dry food again do I give him half of his old food mix with the new one or can I just give him a mix of the bland diet mix with his new food? I know we have to mix the foods before we switch them up. I also plan on keeping him on the forti flora supplements since I think he has a very sensitive stomach. he is really, really skinny. he eats and drinks water, but he doesn’t play much. Any suggestions? I really have fallen in love with my new puppy, but I can’t afford to be taking him to the vet again.Thanks

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Olivia:
      You are in the perfect position for taking your dog’s health into your own hands. You have the power to either allow him to become one of the millions of dogs battling ear, skin and digestives issues or take control now. Do that by spending as much as you can afford on good food for your dog. I don’t know a whole lot about Taste of the Wild brand; but if he continues with soft stool, then move on to another food. Consider Precise Holistic Complete formula and even add Wellness Ninety Five Percent to it. The Wellness is all meat and your pup needs meat. Give your puppy a good multivitamin formula for life. Natures Farmacy makes a good one. It’s called Complete.

      Regarding vaccinations; be very careful, please. Read my page here and I also have another page that discusses rear end paralysis due to the rabies vaccine. These vaccinations are dangerous – all of them. Learn about them. I also urge you to NOT USE chemical flea and tick spray, that too has caused many dog deaths and problems including seizures. I use this brand and I’ve used it for years on my dogs. Only one year in 6 years did we develop an issue with fleas and that was because of our yard. Be your dog’s caretaker and think natural. Avoid chemicals at all cost and when you need a vet, look into a holistic vet who will treat your dog as a whole and not just prescribe chemicals. Think about his body from the inside out. Don’t feed rawhide, ever. Stay away from anything remotely related to China.

      Transition his food over 5 days by taking away a little of the old food and replacing it with a little of the new food daily. Increase the amounts each day until you’ve reached his daily intake. Don’t assume that traditional vets have your dog’s best interest in mind; that’s not always the case. They are running a business Olivia.

      I hope this information has helped you.


  41. olivia says

    I forgot to mention in my last comment. He had a stool sample tested and had no worms. all vaccinations are up to date. parvo was also negative. thanks

  42. Lou says

    Can I give my 6 month old husky yogurt? He’s had diarrhea for almost 2 days now but not he isn’t showing any signs he’s hurting. Please help!!!

    • janie knetzer says

      Lou, yogurt is not going to help diarrhea. Look at all the options I share on the page and choose something such as “Form” along with a gentle diet for several days that consists of boiled chicken and rice.


  43. olivia says

    Hi I just wanted to say thanks for the response. I actually kept him on a blend of white rice and chicken for about a week, then I transitioned him to a blend of white rice and taste of the wild, all blended with lots of water. I have slowly increased the ration of rice to kibble. I started with 3 1/2 cups of white rice to a cup of taste of the wild and blended with lots of water until I got a gerber consistency. I am now giving him about 3 cups of rice to 2 1/4 cups of kibble plus I started mixing in un-blended kibbles in his food. I still add the supplements to his food to help strengthen his tummy. His stool is still a little soft, but nothing compare to the extreme liquid diarrhea he had before. He has gained weight and the life is back in his eyes. I didn’t think he had more than a day left to live a few days after I wrote this review he stopped eating and not moving anymore. he became extremely dehydrated and I had to inject water into his mouth and spoon feed him. He is more active and playful now. I will slowly keep transitioning him to 100% taste of the wild, but I think the food made all the difference. It saved my puppy’s life.

  44. MercySeat Emmanuel says

    I have a serious need. I live in southwestern nigeria and i am an intending dog breeder. my GSD passed a watery green stool with rice grain size worm twice within three hours. i feed her with 3 life size raw chicken most times daily and the growth has been impresive. sometimes, i make a concentrate for it and she has been good. i suspect it is the meat she ate the previous night so i have disengaged her from food. what next please?

    • janie knetzer says


      It’s sounds like your gsd may have contracted a bacteria from the chicken, most likely “salmonella”. Salmonella is common in chicken and humans can contract it from their pet. Give lots of fresh water and if you have access to coconut water in Nigeria, but, if so, give 1/2 cup at a time 3 times daily until she improves. The coconut water is a natural source of electrolytes and may help. I would withhold food for 24 hours and as mentioned, give her lots of clean water as well as the coconut water. After 24 hours, try feeding her just the rice water for a day or two until you see improvement. Read the article again and see where I suggest rice water.

      If it looks like she’s passing grain size rice, that is most likely tapeworms. I think you should avoid feed raw chicken in the future, since you can’t be sure that the chicken isn’t carrying bacteria. You must also use careful hygiene because salmonella is highly transmittable. Here’s a link with some ideas for curing tapeworms naturally.

      Good luck.

  45. Denise Chin says

    Hi. I’m from Australia and I have a 4 month old Boxer. He has been on Core Wellness grain free puppy food since I got him at 2 months old. He’s stool was solid and bowel movement were normal. But he was gassy. 2 weeks ago, he had a mild case of diarrhea and I suspected it was either something he ate from the backyard, fluff from tennis ball (which I found) in his stool or a new brand of puppy treat. I stopped the puppy treat and gave him boiled rice and chicken 3 times a day. His diarrhea stopped but his stool was soft mudcake like. Usually a little hard when he starts to poo and end with really soft stool and mustard colour. He was on rice and chicken diet for a week until last week I took him to our local RSPCA to have him neutered. I voiced my concern about his stool and they said because he looked healthy and active to continue giving his rice and chicken diet till it firms up. It’s been 2 weeks on this diet and I’m getting uncomfortable that it’s too long and not getting the right nutrition. I thought maybe it’s the chicken that he may be allergic to so last 2 days I gave him his normal kibble in mornings and rice and chicken for the next 2 meals. Stool were firmer after morning feed. And soft mustard colour stool after next 2 meals. So I thought it’s the chicken then and today I gave him kibbles (1 1/2cup) each meal. But I must also add that yesterday and today I gave him peanut butter which he loved with his kong as I had to go out. Tonight, he started having mild diarrhea again. I’ve changed his bedding twice and sitting with him at 4.30am. He’s active, hungry all the time, lean body. Next Wed I’m taking him to the vet to get his stitches removed. Should I just switch back to rice and chicken again?

    • Denise Chin says

      Jasper had diarrhea this morning again. I gave him the rice water and he drank all of it. I did not give him his morning meal. For lunch, I gave him a very small portion of chicken and rice. His stool was semi hard which was good. Him having diarrhea could be 1) Overfeed him 2) kibbles too rich 3) too much treats and peanut (he’s going to puppy school) . Should I continue giving him chicken and rice in small portion but frequent? Should I change to another brand of kibble? His current one is one of those top end brand. I would like to give him cooked meals at night and kibbles during the day but because Jasper has a sensitive stomach like most boxers, I’ve no idea what to actually give him. I’ve done so much research until I end up getting confuse.

      • janie knetzer says

        Peanut butter will definitely cause soft stool. A tiny bit is okay. The key word here is “tiny”. Since he’s been on the boiled chicken and rice for two weeks, I understand your concern. You can try switching to boiled beef and rice and see if that firms it up. Once his stool has returned to normal, I would try Wellness Limited Ingredient Dry Formulas such as salmon and potato.

        I also urge you to start feeding him a high quality multivitamin NOW. Don’t wait until he’s older and has issues. Do it now. Prevention is always the best treatment. Try to find a good multi-vitamin there in Australia for dogs that includes probiotics and digestive enzymes. Stay away from any dog foods that contain gluten. It’s good that you want to home cook for dinner. That’s magnificent. The key is to not overcook the meat. Bake the beef until it’s slightly light pink inside. Include steamed kale or spinach and even a little brown rice. Make sure there’s more meat than anything else. You can include salmon (don’t under cook this) and sweet potatoes or even cod and sweet potatoes.

        Watch vaccinations and any other chemical things that poison our pets such as flea and tick treatments, etc. I hope this helps you Denise.


  46. LadyV says

    Hi, I have a 3 month old Beagador (Labbe) who came down with diarrhea last night rather suddenly. I got him when he was 8 weeks and he had been eating Pedigree Puppy. His stool was loose in the beginning so I used the pumpkin puree a few times and that seemed to work well. About three weeks ago I gradually switched his food to Canidae All Life Stages Chicken and Rice. He seemed to do well with the switch. His stool is much more dense now but he seems to be more gassy lately. I also use a ‘Slow’ bowl for feeding to keep him from gobbling his food down too fast. He’s had a variety of treats but primarily he has Milk Bone biscuits and Milk Bone Soft and Chewy Healthy treats. He also likes the Besty Farms Chicken Jerkey. Last night I introduced him to a new treat, Wells Sportmix Roasted Peanut Gourmet Dog Biscuits. He had two over about a three hour period. About an hour after the second biscuit the diarrhea hit. He’s never had a poop accident in the house but I guess he couldn’t hold it. He had another two accidents overnight. This morning he ate his food with no problem but he is not his normal playful self.

    I’m just wondering if this is a delayed reaction to the food switch or if the new biscuits were to much too soon. I’m not sure how to go about finding the root cause of the diarrhea.

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi LadyV:

      It could definitely be a delayed reaction to the treats.

      You have a puppy and I want to share some critical advice with you now while he’s still very young that will help with longevity, unnecessary vet bills and most of your dog’s health and happiness.

      Keep him away from Pedigree at all costs. Food is your dog’s life force and what goes in is what’s going to determine how his digestive system will respond now and the long-term effects that it will have with age. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about health issues, until they are hit in the face with them. Don’t allow that to happen.

      While Candidae is okay; they are no longer an independent company and we all know what big business cares most about. Their bottom line! What I have an issue with is that they don’t identify the fish meal in the food you’re feeding. That means it’s just any old left over fish (who knows what kind) thrown in. The “meal” should always be identified.

      If you’re going to feed a kibble I recommend Fromms Four Star Nutritionals as an economical choice. Purchase their line of all natural treats as well. This is a great company and I interviewed the owner years ago. He oversees quality control himself. For a high end kibble, definitely Acana or Carna4!

      I also recommend that you mix it up. Include raw into your dog’s diet. He’s young enough and this will be very, very good for him. By adding more meat to his kibble, you’ll be doing him a favor in the long run. If you can afford The Honest Kitchen dehydrated food, then please go for it in place of dry and rotate between morning and evening meals or simply feed raw and kibble one day and raw and The Honest Kitchen another. The idea is to save his liver and kidneys down the road.

      Watch vaccinations and don’t be buffaloed by your vet. In fact, search out a good holistic vet who uses titer testing for vaccinations. See my article here.

      Don’t start your dog on chemical flea and tick medicines. Instead, use natural. These chemical products are related to many health problems in dogs and dogs are dying of cancer at alarming rates. Here’s the one I use for my dogs and recommend to my readers. They also make an excellent spray for the teeth.

      Hope this helps.

  47. Jennifer says

    Hi, I rescued a 5 month old lab mix about a month ago and we just had him fixed about a week and a half ago and yesterday morning we woke up to really funny green diarrhea. He’s still acting normal and playful and I gave him a little bit of food which he ate and he’s still drinking normally too. But we still woke up to the same thing this morning. Yesterday he had one small normal colored stool later on in the day but nothing other than that. He only goes outside on a leash so I don’t think he got into anything (although he can be very sneaky). We feed him purina puppy chow since we rescued him so haven’t changed anything there. We did take him to our local dog park a couple days ago where he had a blast but I’m wondering maybe he got sick from something there?

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Jennifer:

      It’s hard to say, but he definitely could have picked something up at the dog park.

      I do urge you to PLEASE change him over to a better food and I don’t mean another kibble. Purina Puppy Chow is a very, very, very low grade food. Kibble IS NOT RECOMMENDED PERIOD, but Purina Puppy Chow is the bottom of the totem pole.

      Your pup needs to start on a good diet NOW, not later when his health starts to decline. Starting with a puppy and using healthy practices from the beginning, including the right food (raw diet is the best), healthy treats free of sugar, dyes and other colors are good (none from China), no rawhide, give deer antlers instead, give a few good supplements such as a multivitamin, fatty acids such as krill oil daily.

      Watch vaccinating and learn what you can about it. I have several articles. Rabies is the only one required by law, but can cause so much harm to your dog’s health. Use natural flea and tick medicines and avoid chemical products at all cost.

      Take care of his teeth and a good raw diet can help with this as well.

      If you start on the right tract now Jennifer, you will save yourself money down the road and your dog will be much healthier and happier. If you need help with choosing a raw food, or if you absolutely must feed a dry, then let me know and I share some options with you. But, I have to be honest, I won’t recommend any cheap kibble foods that are void of the necessary nutrition your pup needs to grow into a healthy dog and stay that way.


      • Jennifer says

        I was reading the other comments and saw which ones you recommended so I bought Fromms puppy food and also Wellness ninety five percent. I am going to feed him chicken and rice to help stop his diarrhea and then slowly introduce the new food.

        • janie knetzer says

          Good for you Jennifer.

          Although I think raw is the best, I also like the Wellness Ninety Five Percent combined with Fromms very much. Thank you for reading and researching better ways to care for your pup. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask. I do my best to get back to reply to any comments within hours.


  48. Melissa Pulse says

    I have a 7 month old yorkie that has ongoing diarreah since birth.I tried the chicken and rice,plain yogurt,pure pumpkin,he has been on diet food from vet.he has been dewormed by 3 different vets,been checked for different parasites,blood tests done,checked for parvo,put on vitamin B12 injections,metronidazole 2xday,and nothing has helped.I recently changed his food to royal cabin puppy,and started giving him digestion licks packets enzyme blend a week ago.but no changes,he still is having diarreah.I also tried giving him 3ml of peptobismol twice a day.I don’t really know what else to do for my little guy.would you have any suggestions that might help.I’d very much appreciate your input,thanks soo much.

    • janie knetzer says

      Hi Melissa:

      Sorry that your pup is having digestive issues. I would definitely avoid pumpkin. Pumpkin can actually help or make things worse. I would first start with choosing a better meaty food and including a multivitamin if you can for long term health and add a supplement to get the diarrhea under control. Would you consider raw feeding Melissa? You can get it already prepared? It’s truly the best diet to start a young dog on. Many dogs immediately get rid of their allergy issues, stool and weight problems, just to name a few. I can help you choose one if you like.


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