Herbs for Dogs: An Introduction

by janie knetzer May 1, 2013

This page is an introduction to an ongoing series dedicated to the use of herbs for dogs. As a huge believer that much of what we need to heal our body grows from the ground and not in a lab, this series will concentrate on the more natural applications of using plants and herbage for […]

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Chamomile for Dogs and How To Safely Use It

by janie knetzer September 13, 2014

Our ongoing series on herbal remedies for dogs continues with this look at chamomile.  Chamomile comes from the Asteraceae family, which is a large group of flowering plants commonly referred to as the daisy or aster. The name for chamomile actually comes from the Greek term for “earth apple.” There are a few different types […]

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Is Trifexis Really Safe for Dogs and Cats?

by janie knetzer August 12, 2014

In or around November of 2013, a news report in Atlanta revealed that the tick and flea preventative drug Trifexis was linked to dog deaths. Soon, groups on social media sprouted up claiming a link between the drug and more dog deaths. Before long, it had been linked to over 700 dog deaths thanks to […]

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Cayenne for Dogs and How To Use it Safely

by janie knetzer July 18, 2014

Our ongoing series on herbs for dogs comes with this look at cayenne. Cayenne is actually from the nightshade family and is most commonly associated with the spicy cayenne pepper, which itself is named after the city of the same name in French Guiana. There are dozens of varieties of these hot peppers, but they […]

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Steroids for Dogs: The Negative Effects

by janie knetzer June 21, 2014

Steroids are among the most commonly prescribed conventional treatment for dogs with inflammation, but the negative effects of steroids in dogs are often left on the sidelines. In this article, we’ll present a balanced point of view that takes these adverse aspects into account with regards to choosing how to treat your dog’s pain or […]

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Dogs and Sugar: Why You Should Avoid It

by janie knetzer May 30, 2014

The list of foods you should avoid giving to your four-legged friend can seem as long as the list of foods you should and determining the difference between the two can be a confusing maze. I thought I’d zero in on at least one problem food and hope to clear up some confusion. I’m talking […]

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Why Dogs Act Hungry All The Time

by janie knetzer May 2, 2014

As much as we may love our dogs, we might also wonder about some of their stranger habits and mannerisms. Among the most commonly questioned of these behaviors is that of “acting hungry,” which tends to happen even after our pooches have been fed particularly big meals. Almost everyone with a dog has experienced this […]

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Your Dog’s Teeth: Four Myths Surrounding Their Care

by janie knetzer March 10, 2014

There are a lot of myths surrounding the care of a dog’s teeth. A number of these myths are based around marketing campaigns lead by pet food companies in order to sell products. So, it’s important to recognize the truth when caring for your pooch’s teeth. Here are four of the most common myths associated […]

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Contagious Cancer Found in Street Dogs in Under Developed Countries

by janie knetzer March 3, 2014

Dogs tend to be afflicted with the same sorts of cancers that touch human lives, but there’s one particular type that is puzzling scientists because of one particularly curious reason: it is contagious. The idea of a contagious cancer is strange enough on its own, but there’s more. This particular tumor, common in street dogs […]

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