Herbs for Dogs: An Introduction

4 0 1 0 This page is an introduction to an ongoing series dedicated to the use of herbs for dogs. As a huge believer that much of what we need to heal our body grows from the ground and not in a lab, this series will concentrate on the more natural applications of using […]

Natural Remedies for Urinary Incontinence in Dogs

1 0 0 0 I know how difficult it can be when your dog becomes incontinent.  Most professionals and seasoned dog owners like myself believe incontinence isn’t a behavior issue, but rather an issue that the dog can’t help. The following remedies are based upon natural options from others geared towards older dogs who leak […]

Is a Raw Diet Safe for Older Dogs?

4 0 1 0 I’m a HUGE fan of raw diets for dogs and I encourage them to anyone with a younger dog, or an adult dog for that matter.  However, my problem has always been with whether or not it’s safe to switch an older dog, or a dog with health problems over to […]

Ginkgo for Dogs and How To Safely Use It

6 0 3 0 In this article we are going to discuss all the different ways the herb ginkgo can benefit dogs. You’ve probably heard of ginkgo before in many different applications for human beings, but today we’re going to look at what this genus of unusual non-flowering plants can do for your four-legged friend. […]

Flaxseed for Dogs and How to Use It Correctly

11 1 4 0 In my continuing series regarding natural herbs for dogs, in this article I want to share the many tremendous benefits of flax for our four legged friends. Flax is a member of the Linum genus of the Linaceae family, which grows in the cooler regions of the planet. Flax is effectively […]

Fennel for Dogs and How to Use It Correctly

8 0 1 1 One of my favorite herbs for dogs is fennel. If you cook, I’m sure you’ve heard of it, or you may just make a tea out of it for yourself. Fennel is actually a flowering plant species found in the celery family, the sole species in the Foeniculum genus. One of […]